Creating Wealth Through Smart Real Estate Investing Strategies
Creating Wealth Through Smart Real Estate Investing Strategies
Dorado Capital is a sustainable and integrated real estate development firm that deploys raised capital to responsibly generate returns and create assets through real estate investments, with a focus on ground-up construction and land development. Our mission is to be an exceptional, industry-leading firm that creates long-term value for our investors and sustains results across market cycles.
Since 2019, Dorado Capital has completed over $20 million in development and construction projects, and is in progress on an additional $37 million and counting. Through the team’s deep understanding of capital markets, land development, and construction, along with the ability to foster extensive relationships with regional banks and lending institutions, we have maintained a consistent pipeline of successful deliveries.
Discipline Transcends Market Cycles
Discipline Transcends Market Cycles
Dorado Capital has a robust in-house construction team that allows for granular control of costs and timelines, resulting in superior project outcomes. The firm’s vertical integration and expertise in land development, construction, financing, and institutional relationship-building allow it to minimize risk while maximizing profitability and creating flexible opportunities for the deployment of investor capital. Our goal is to ensure the projects are delivered in a cost-effective manner with maximum return for investors and project stakeholders.
The firm maintains an unwavering commitment to being a responsible steward of investor capital. This entails thorough due diligence, vetted and reviewed by unbiased professionals and experts. No stone is left unturned prior to taking on a project.

Capital Markets

Dorado Capital maintains strong relationships with Limited Partner investors, banks, and debt institutions to fully facilitate all of the capital markets need of its projects. From raising equity through private placements and offerings, to sourcing debt at market-comparable leverage and terms, a variety of financial sources are included in Dorado’s roster to execute its operations as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Land Development

A large portion of Dorado Capital’s portfolio consists of planned subdivisions. A planned subdivision will typically start with the acquisition of a large parcel of raw undeveloped land, which may or may not require rezoning to allow the envisioned development scheme. Upon acquisition and entitlement, a site construction plan is prepared to design the delivery of utility services, and the internal roadways and other infrastructure improvements required for the development. 

Ground-Up Construction

The remainder of Dorado Capital’s portfolio is ground-up construction projects, which may range from individual single-family homes, to larger multifamily and commercial-use structures. Similar to the initial process for a planned subdivision, a ground-up construction project will begin with the acquisition and entitlement, as necessary, of a land parcel. Following entitlement, a site construction plan will also be prepared, as will a subsequent architectural design. 
Our History & Background
In 2019, Dorado Capital was founded with a singular mission: to act as a responsible and trustworthy steward of investor capital, and to deploy that capital in carefully planned, well-located, high-quality real estate ventures to deliver consistent but aggressive returns. With that in mind, we raised and deployed investor and partner funds to develop our first project in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, D.C.—2929Twelve, a 6-unit, luxury condominium. Subsequently, after selling out all units for record-setting per-square-foot prices, we delivered Seven700, a well-appointed 32-unit condominium in Shepherd Park, also in Washington, D.C.
In 2020, Dorado Capital expanded to Richmond, Virginia, with the acquisition of Chestnut Flats, a one-acre site in the heart of downtown, later approved for the development of twelve attached townhouses with an expected delivery in 2024. In 2021, we planted another flag in Brookland, D.C. with the acquisition of the site planned for Fifteen22, a 28-unit condominium building also expected to deliver in 2024. Along with that project, in 2022 we also acquired York Manor, an in-fill opportunity to build seven single-family homes, and our first foray into land development, Meadow Springs Run, a nearly 30-acre parcel approved for a 46-lot subdivision.
Since its founding in 2019, Dorado Capital has delivered over $20 million in completed ground-up construction projects, and is in the process of delivering an additional $20 million of ground-up construction projects in 2024 and 2025 alone. In addition to our ground-up construction portfolio, we also currently have a land development pipeline of over one hundred single-family lots with a contracted sale value exceeding $18 million, comprising a total of over $58 million in projects completed and under development. In the process of building this portfolio, Dorado Capital has raised a total of over $12 million in investor equity to date.